Story Editor, the New Republic

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Selected writings:

“Exclusive Photos from a Botched Lethal Injection: What Happens When an Execution Goes Wrong”: The New Republic, May 2014
“Cruel But Not Unusual: How Oklahoma Botched an Execution”: The New Republic, April 2014
“I Can See You Typing: The Most Awkward Feature of Online Chat”: The New Republic, January 2014
“Bro Fall: I Lost My Masculinity in Brooklyn, So I Climbed a Mountain to Get It Back”: The New Republic, December 2013
“The Period Is Pissed: When Did Our Simplest Punctuation Mark Become So Angry?”: The New Republic, November 2013
“As I Lay Lying: On Working from Bed”: The New Republic, October 2013
“Stephen Shore’s Photos Will Make You Put Away Your Camera Phone”: The New Republic, October 2013
“Screw Your Standing Desk! A Sitter’s Manifesto”: The New Republic, July 2013
“Saving Summer’s Trashiest Cocktail: Make Way for the $21 Long Island Iced Tea”: The Awl, May 2013
“The Fugitive Guru of Barsana Dham”: The Daily Beast, June 2011
“In Search of the World’s Rarest Ape”: Slate, February 2010